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<h1>Robyn Hearne</h1>
"Congratulations! You certainly deserve it. "
-Ron Turner
"The day you told me that you would give up teaching hours to facilitate more made me know your heart is in the right place for our students! You sacrifice the ability to make more money to ensure academies have mentors and organized schedules. It is such an honor to work with you and for reasons like you and our students who also do so much for their career choice, I continue to do everything I can for our team! I admire you!"
-Corrine Gil
"So thankful to work with you. Chief Hearne is dedicated to her work and students. I admire how understanding and level headed you are. We are lucky to have you on the Public Safety team!! "
-Leanne <3
"Congratulations for being nominated for the Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award!!! Sorry I do not have a photo of you."
-JIm Prager
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