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<h1>Rajan Gill</h1>
"Awesome professor! I found his classes interesting and making me want to do more research and learn more as well as become more active in my community! My husband and 16 year old daughter took one class with me and they feel like they have learned so much as well. "
-Jodi Hernandez
"Professor Gill is the best! I took his class over the summer and I wanted to come to class every day because he made class fun. His millennial jokes and references were hilarious. My favorite was when he said the puritans were "hashtag woke" during one of our lectures. You're awesome professor!"
-Stephanie Q.
"Amazing Teacher! relates all the topics to things we can understand. You can tell he really enjoys History and also cares for the students also."
-Christopher Aldaco
"Thank you for making History a fun subject. Your passion in helping your students understand the past is very evident. Your use of some drunk history clips makes lectures even more fun. Thank you for all that you do. You are doing an awesome job."
-Danielle Shelton
"Awesome Professor and Wonderful Colleague! CONGRATS, Rajan!"
-Ann Welty
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