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<h1>Esa Saarinen</h1>
"Esa, kiitos läsnäolostasi. Voimauttavista sanoistasi ja rakkaudesta parempaan maailmaan."
-Anniina Kajasviita
"Pikaista toipumista. <3 "
-Heidi Hatakka
"Rinnalla ja läsnä, tsemppiä toipumiseen!"
-Mika Kakko
"Thank you Esa for your loving, insightful and fresh approach to human interaction. Your high optimism can be regarded as a personal strength that, I wish, despite of what has happened will carry you over the troubles and will make you stand stronger than before!"
-Karri Lehtonen
"Thanks to Esa's lectures, I remembered of a vital aspect of personal wellbeing: the passion for life. I hope I'll have the chance to attend other lectures where he'll inspire me to discover subtleties of living beautifully."
-Oana Velcu-Laitinen
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